Meet the Apes

After a night of shenanigans, the Apes got lost in the sauce; after a round of shots, well ... shot them into a faraway metaverse multiverse, leading them to a new world. This new world seemed to be all they could ask for-a futuristic utopia on the surface, but something dark was lurking.


 Beneath the surface, a twisted shadow conglomerate known as Cap Corp. has undermined this decentralized society and found a way to take complete control of all the inhabitants. Eventually, the Apes plot a hostile Ape-over and form the Bored of Directors, a collective for change, to ensure no one can ever prevent the Apes from just bein’ Apes.


Now the Bored of Directors travel through time, space, and metaverses & multiverses alike to bring their vibes of a new order to new worlds.

APE # 8519


Clint Apewood dares you to make his day. A stoic Ape with a quick draw and dead-eye aim nothing gets past this Ape.Tough as nails, he loves high pressure situations and always comes out on top. Come hell or high water; this is the Ape you want by your side.

APE #6152

Daytona “The Noise”

The legend goes that he has been racing since he could crawl—an adrenaline junky inspired by legends like Shawn White, Dale Earnhardt, and KellySlater. Daytona is in his element when he’s ripping through a racetrack, carving up a glacier, or surfing 50-foot waves. He was born for the spotlight and the roar of the crowd. Hold onto your butts; this prime Ape is ready to bring The Noise and take the action sports world by storm.

APE #3179


A son of the streets, the old heads on the basketball court dubbed him Banksy III because he always laid down new designs around the neighborhood in his Adidas sneaks.

After years of fine-tuning his craft by studying the greats like his namesake and Basquiat, B3 has brought his unique style and artistic vision to NFTs and streetwear. Banksy III now focuses on spreading love through digital and physical creations.

APE #769


El Chez is considered by many to be one of the best Chef Apes in the Metaverse; he's built a business empire over the years with 42 acclaimed restaurants spanning across the Otherside. Chez has been carrying out research and development on Metaverse cuisine to the point of starting his culinary movement "Modern Ape Dining." This chef doesn't take orders; he gives them.

APE #2585


Azami is the level-headed one in the group. Azami fully embraces all aspects of Asian culture following his sudden growth of wealth and knows how to keep a cool head. He often meditates to keep himself calm. Trained in several martial arts, including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Aikido, he is also the most significant physical threat in the group. Azami finds many of his friends too obnoxious or emptyheaded, so he mostly keeps to himself, except for his sole ally, Clint Apewood.

APE #8950


Anatoly, who doesn’t think very highly of many, has a callous exterior living in the iron curtain before tearing down some walls and becoming rich from his crypto endeavors. Constantly rude to his friends, exceptionally Private Ape, he is always getting into arguments and often physical fights. Most of the Apes assume he may have a connection to the KGB, but none dare to ask. Many in the group are afraid of him or at least cautious.

APE #5057


Dry, sly, and full of rye, Leeway is a nihilistic Ape who, despite their apparent intoxication, is full of insight and often serves as the voice of reason among the Collective. Leeway has all but given up on finding that next dopamine fix, but this might be just what they need to feel alive again … or not.

APE #4676

Midnight Johnson

Midnight Johnson, although back in the 60s, his friends in 'Nam knew him as Mitch Jones. Former Army Ranger and jungle fighter Midnight fought against the NVA and went MIA and was supposedly, never found, for decades ... until now. Midnight had undergone top secret and advanced genetic engineering therapy in the years he was missing.

APE #1017

CAPEton “Cap”

Once the life of the party, enjoying going out on his massive boat with friends, girls, and anyone who would join him. But after doing that for years, Cap is now bored out of his mind. Jaded by the lack of excitement or interest in his life when he has a near-infinite supply of money. Cap is the richest of all the Bored Apes in the group, and he is willing to let his friends know it.

APE #1502

Maj. Bud Kennedy

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Va, Bud grew up appreciating two things. The beach life and fast jets. A beach bum by day and stealth fighter pilot by night. With Bud's easygoing persona, he's an unassuming secret weapon to the Bored of Directors. You'll always be able to spot Bud sporting his signature sunglasses and ape T-shirt.

APE #3643


Created in 3076 and known as “A-3643” in his home universe of Astronica. After a clash with his father, the ruler of Astronica, A-3643, was banished to the Swamp to live with his Ape ancestors and prepare them for the Great War. When A-3646 arrived at the Swamp, he took on the name B.A.R.S. to fit better with his fellow Apes. B.A.R.S. contains technology that allows him to transform his body into an entire arsenal of futuristic weapons.